Flavours change, images last.

Flavours and taste may change through time; but don’t fret ,your face lasts in everyone’s mind. Though our narrator has grown and changed since his last Christmas, and has since adopted a new personality, he is still much the boy he talks about in his story. In the first paragraph he speaks about his voice that doesnt know it’s origin and the liberties he takes in describing himself. Our narrator then steps into his change of perception and speaks of the imperfect blend of now and then, which only seems to occur for him in the days leading up to Christmas. Christmas (and to a much lesser extent Halloween) are nice symbols portraying childhood and the time when adults get involved to an extend too, whether it be preparing presents or handing out candy. These 2 holidays are involve much kid activities like Trick o’ Treating or ripping open Christmas presents, but when we grow up these kid activities become more and more distant. A time of envy for the grown.¬† The character Niel portrays the role of an older sibling, and not yet an adult quite well, somebody who isn’t out of touch with his fellow siblings, or out of place with adults. We have witnessed him hug with the other children in the family, welcomed home with joy beyond that of welcoming a grandparent; and we have seen him chat with adults¬†at the church. But what he says at the church defines the whole changing of the physical, but not of the memories that we burden. When asked of his father, his reply is only “Oh,” as if he were caught in a sad suprise, as all of us were when we renouced our childhood.

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